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Reveries and the adventures in self publishing...

If you find yourself reading this, I apologize in advance. I have no words of wisdom, or tips for this time consuming endeavor, which often finds me hunched over the computer for hours with little to show for it. All I have are my words, thrown to the wind in the hopes that they will flutter past glancing eyes. I am only a poet, possessed with the need to evoke images from the cacophony of sound in my mind. To seek refuge in the crisp white blankness of a page and make my own tracks upon the landscape. And in all honesty, self marketing makes me cringe. Exposing myself to the general crowd of social media platforms is a daunting task and one I struggle with daily. The introvert in me is not comfortable right now. So why did I decide to go on this journey one might ask? The answer is simple, I gave birth to a novel, and I did not want to hand it over to someone else. It is my baby, and one I will raise with the same intuitive parental philosophy I've adopted with my own child. And no matter what it grows up to be, I will love it fervently. So this goes out to all you writers and poets, dancers and artists- that bring such vibrant color to this world we live in. Keep on shining, and whether your light is bright enough for others to find, or a steady spark that keeps you company in the darkness, it is beautiful, unique and all yours. A gift that no one can truly monetize.

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