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   Light Among the            Shadows

What I had done was extreme, but like a wild animal stuck in a trap, I knew the only way to survive was to relinquish my own limb. It was the last frantic vestige of my attempt to keep on living, despite there being nothing left to live for. I was hollowed out. Only tender bruised bone remained as I followed the endless white line of the highway.”

Lara is running from a fractured marriage, and an unfathomable loss that consumes her.

 Drawn to the beautiful, open expanse of sky and the possibility of a new life, Lara finds herself working on a secluded property in Montana caring for horses. There she meets Peter, a blind man, closed off from the world around him and reluctant to let anybody in.

Together, they forge a connection that is tender and fervent as the walls they have built around themselves begin to crack. But can two broken people truly find healing in each other? Or will the wounds they carry be too deep to repair?

A journey of love and redemption, of choices that define us, and the delicate dance between the past that holds us back and the future that beckons us forward.


What readers are saying....

“A light in the shadows is a gripping emotional rollercoaster of a read. A truly inspiring tale of new beginnings and real-life heartache. A book I could not put down! “


~Jessica Brown


“Wow! I was literally blown away. This author deals with some very tough issues, things that would be difficult for most writers to touch. And she did them with a frankness and a depth that made me, as a reader, feel as though I were in the room when these things happened.

The setting is lush, beautiful, and powerful. This writer has a definite way with words, and it served to create a place I wanted so much, as a reader, to be. The characters I invested in deeply, and the chemistry between Lara and Peter was amazing. It felt sensual and authentic, and there was no denying that their passion literally dripped off the page. I was completely submerged in the story, not wanting to stop reading. And it never let up from there.”

~K.J Kennedy


“Light Among the Shadows” is an emotionally evoking story about self-discovery, the power of love; and its ability to heal even the deepest wounds. Once again, the author showcases her stylistic prose and incredible talent at creating viscerally stunning worlds." ~Carly Shilling

“A sensitive and caring woman, an enigmatic man—both battling past wounds—are the center of Jennifer Leigh Pezzano’s novel of love and redemption. Set against a sweeping Montana panorama, we follow the story of Lara and Peter as they explore the complicated path to love. A beautiful novel that will pull the reader in and not let go.”

~Paricia Jellerson

"Light Among the Shadows is a breathtaking story of two people with broken pasts who find healing and belonging with one another. With a blend of contemporary romance and woman’s fiction, “Light Among the Shadows” is a love story at its core but explores elements of depth to create a wholly satisfying and intricate plot beyond the typical romance. As Lara navigates the bitterness of her past and confronts loss, we fall in love with Peter as he slowly lets his walls down, and root for both characters to find redemption and refuge in one another. This was the first novel I read by Jennifer and was instantly captivated by her poetic voice and rich, multifaceted characters. Jennifer has a way of capturing the complexity of human emotions and peeling back layers as we fall in love with her story and characters."

~Skylar Aubrey

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