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Life was not a fairytale of good versus evil. We were all imperfect creatures clinging to the threads of survival. And the fear that had followed me through these mountains like a whisper against my neck was now replaced with a sudden and quiet resolve. A strength that flickered and grew inside me, encompassing us both. I wasn’t running anymore. I was forging a new path for my daughter.”


It is the year 2150, and life is no longer about personal autonomy. People have lost the ability to dream, and nature is a force that is feared and contained.

Under the guise of her medical clinic, Sabina runs an illegal alternative medicine practice. But when her secret is exposed, she is forced to flee deep into the mountains with her child and leave everything she knows behind.

Will she find solace in Domine, the one man who ever made her feel wild? Or will the new life she is forging be altered by forces beyond her control?

Hiraeth is a story of the wilderness inside us. Of longing and survival. The unbroken perseverance of love. And the resilient heartbeat of the human spirit. 

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See What Readers Are Saying

Jennifer writes in a language that transports you through the pages into the world she's created. When I read her work, I felt connected to her characters, having visceral reactions when things happened to them. I really appreciate how she can keep the story propelling forward without missing a beat, using the smallest moments to create genuine connection between her characters. I really enjoyed reading and can't wait to see her story on shelves!

 ~Christine Goss

 Hiraeth is a novel about struggle, pain, love and survival. Sabina is a woman frustrated in a world where its ideals are directly opposed to hers, where people are suppressed, ideas are forbidden, creativity has been banished, and healthcare is questionable due to a rigid, self-serving government. But Sabina’s courage sweeps her away from all that when her own personal world is challenged and she escapes her home and clinic, taking her daughter into the woods to start a new life. But things are not easy in the cover of nature, and thus begins a trek toward freedom with a man from her past, filled with conflict, difficulty, and sorrow along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s a bit of a different story for this author, filled with adventure but still containing sweet, loving and romantic moments one expects from her work. It’s a novel filled with expectation, inspiration, and the feeling that strength and love will conquer all. You just have to hope to dream again.

~Paula Chapman.

The characters yanked me right into the story. There's a huge sense of urgency as you learn about this intriguing, futuristic world...and the characters' stories and their emotions...whew! Intense! The sexual tension between Sabina and Domine is also extremely tangible. 

I fell in love with this story.


Omg! I just finished reading this and it is truly a piece of work. It's vivid, emotional, nerve racking and just WOW!!!!! 

 ~Jennifer Crighton

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