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Autumn Road

The Life We Dream Of

What readers are saying...

“I'm going to need a moment or a thousand to collect myself after this book. What an emotional ride! I love the message here. This was very moving, incredibly emotional, challenging, impactful, beautiful, and complex.

 As a reader it's so easy to place yourself within the story, which is such an accomplishment. Julia's acceptance and peace in these final chapters really came through and took the bitter edge of the finality of death and made it approachable - it made it something that as a reader, I felt like I could accept, too. For Julia and maybe for anyone.”



“Such a stunningly deep, emotional, and impactful story with so many layers. Beautiful and transformative. Jennifer is a brilliant writer and a master at emotion. Gorgeous, gut-wrenching and haunting.”

~Lisa Larkins


“This is not just a book. It is a poem. A musical piece that evokes the content of another source. Bringing so much into play: medicine, psychology, philosophy. Weaving them seamlessly into the story which grabs the reader and won’t let go, even after the last page is turned. This is about the existence of a woman who springs into life, vibrant and whole, only when she learns she is dying. Allowing the reader to see how one life can touch another, how even a drop of human kindness can radiate into a ripple effect that is much bigger--and generates more of an impact--than the object that started it. This is an important, meaningful book, one that deserves a standing ovation.”

~Susan Rosenbluth

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Numb. That’s what I had been. That’s what I had always been. Impassively navigating through my life like a habit I could not define. A deep dreamless sleep I stumbled through. And I suddenly wanted to wake up."

Diagnosed with an incurable cancer, Julia is forced to come to terms with a life largely unlived. Haunted by past trauma and regrets she cannot amend, she has built a wall around herself, insulating her from the world.

But when a chance meeting breaks down her barriers, Julia begins the process of letting life back in, taking her on a journey toward love, self-discovery, and a daughter she never knew. Will she be able to fully make peace with her tangled past and confront all the pain buried beneath the rubble?

The Life We Dream Of is a love story about second chances, overcoming fear, and the boldness one must summon to find healing within.

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