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Ever since I could remember I have had an avid fascination with words. The power they have to mold and shape our reality, to turn ideas into things of beauty that inspire us, move us and make us want to live bolder, brighter lives. But it wasn't until recently that I decided to sit down and blend my love of poetry with my appetite for a good story. I am filled with excitement to be able to share this journey of mine with others.

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~Jennifer Leigh Pezzano~

Jennifer is a literary junkie, with a life long love affair with words. A poet and writer who lives nestled in the beautiful valley of Southern Oregon with her partner and daughter. She spends her days furiously typing away at her computer while trying to balance the blend of motherhood and self growth.

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I suppose in a way I had always felt that the veil of this reality was thinly drawn,
that if I were to only reach out my hand, it would part before me, revealing a
world much more complex than I ever could imagine.” 

Jezebel is a solitary woman with a haunted past. Running a business in a small coastal town, she clings to the predictability of her days, seeking refuge in the silence. When an enigmatic new client comes into her life, she is drawn to him, unaware of the link she holds to his own tangled history. 

He offers her a seductive proposal, and she is propelled into an entrancing world of pleasure that shatters her reality, and deeply alters her sense of self.

But underneath all his magnetism and power lies the human complexities of a grieving man running from his shadows. Will August surrender his centuries of pain and allow Jezebel fully into his life? And will Jezebel be able to navigate the landscape of what he has to offer? 

Delivering a new meaning to the vampire archetype, Awakening is a multi-layered, sensuous, paranormal love story that reaches through the curtain of time. The intricate ties that connect these two to one another will forever transform the course of their lives, stretch the fabric of their reality, and awaken within them something deeper and more profound.  


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"It's a masterpiece! The beautiful prose grabs your heart. The well-developed characters make you laugh and cry. The story is erotic and compelling. It kept me wanting more. I can't wait for her next book."  ~K. Kennedy Author of "Steel Butterfly"

"Gorgeous and thought provoking. I’m not normally a paranormal romance reader, but this sensual tale drew me into a tantalizing world. Weaving enticing imagery and poetic prose that held me spellbound. This is not a vampire book, rather a gorgeous love story in an enchanting world that in many ways mirrors our own. Awakening takes the reader on an emotional, unforgettable journey that comes to an end far too soon." ~Isabel Jolie 

"Jennifer Leigh Pezzano's "Awakening" has all the elements of a great read--romance, supernatural elements, strong characters, deep connections, and well, hot sex. But it's Pezzano's unique voice that brings all of these things to life. She has a way with words, forming thoughts and actions in such a poetic way that you often stop mid-page to appreciate the beautiful imagery that she's built in your mind. At first glance, one might think this story is a vampire romance novel, but you'd be completely missing the point. This story draws you in with it's rich history and makes you feel like you are a part of of this world. Pezzano takes the reader on a journey, from one time period to another, and somehow manages to intricately weave them all together to form one cohesive story. The depth is in the details and that is something she delivers in every paragraph. Yep, this is definitely not your average story....and Pezzano's voice is one that will stick with you, long after the story is done."~Keri. D. James Author of "Echoes of Blue"

"I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself into this story. The characters were not only unique but so beautifully portrayed. I didn't want this story to end! If you're looking for a fresh take on the vampire trope then look no further. This tale will take you on a journey filled with poetic references and romance that will make you swoon." ~Skylar Shoar

"Awakening" is a steamy romance told within a gorgeous world steeped in the supernatural. Pezzano weaves an impactful story, taking the reader on a journey through time told in three parts. Each act delves into love and the human condition in a way that is both heartbreaking and uplifting. The poetic prose stole my heart, but it was the story arc and characters that kept me spellbound from start to finish. A must read!" ~Cindy.K.Sage

"Awakening is a beautifully written and emotionally rich tale that weaves together the past and the present. Jezebel is a cleaner with a tragic past but life takes an unexpected turn upon meeting a new client, one Mr. August De Sanguine. Jezebel discovers that there is more to our world than she previously believed, but August seems to both pull her in and push her away. He has his secrets, but she does too, and she hopes to reach beyond the mask he has formed. Their fates are bound somehow, but their paths are tangled and winding, twisting together in ways neither of them could have foreseen.

Awakening is such an emotionally touching romance novel because of the way it addresses the human experience through characters and experiences that are more than human. The author touches on trauma, love, desire, sorrow, sex, and so many other aspects of the experiences of life. Even though many of the characters are otherworldly in some aspect, it is the deep emotional connection that the author weaves that allows the reader to relate to these characters and see our own sorrows, traumas, and desires in them.

Despite the sometimes quite heavy sentiments discussed by the narrative, Awakening also has an intricately layered plot that starts out relatively simple but grows increasingly complex and detailed. The world-building and mythology of the book is original and unique enough that it seems to outdo many popular franchises. Additionally, the story covers both past and present in a way that fleshes out the innate connections between the two. I found the extended flashback both enjoyable and informative as to the connections that make Jezebel’s and August’s story so magnetic and fateful. The story starts out what what seems to be a fairly simple love story but goes on to reveal some of the secrets of the universe and the origins of humanity as well as the power that lies within each individual.

Awakening is written in such a way that readers will forget that the story is fiction. Although the book is not action-packed, it is rich, well-imagined, and will keep readers turning pages. I highly recommend this book for those interested in romance and provocative philosophical ideas and theories." ~Literary Titan

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"Not until we are lost

do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau



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